Tine Kamerbeek

 Tine was born in Amsterdam, where she studied art at the royal Academy.

Since then she has been working at places where her artistic talents could be used. She worked in a pottery and a diamond cuttery engraving antique objects of crystal and many of these art pieces found their way into the world.

About 36 years ago she started her doll making career. Her work varies from tiny little elves to life size fantasy figures.

She prefers to work with air drying clays. An important part of her sculpting work is finding technical solutions for her demand of having “free standing dolls”.

Since 1983 she has traveled to many countries to participate in doll shows like IDEX and Toy Fair in the USA, but also to many European countries. In December 2001 she participated for the second year in row in the yearly exhibit of Wachtanoff Gallery in Moscow, Russia, with great success.

Her elves flew all over the world and have become a precious collector’s item.
The prizes she has won are numerous. The first prize was for a Dutch magazine in 1980. In 1983, 1985 and 1986 she won first prize in Holland. In 1995 the first prize in Germany: the first Battenberg Kunstler Puppenpreis. Also in Germany the Max-Oscar arnold preis der Stad Neustadt bei Coburg.

“Through the expression, shape and position of the dolls I try to stimulate the imagination and draw the attention of those who look at them”.Technical information:

The dolls are made of air-dry clay, strengthened with a wire frame and with lead in the feet in order to make the dolls stand independently. After sanding and polishing, the dolls are painted with oil paint and varnished several times.
The silk and pastel shade clothes are home-made and match very well.
The wings are made of a very transparent tissue which is first strengthened with thin wire and painted afterwards. All my dolls are one of a kind.

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